Unblock 2021 Hackathon

520 Registered Allowed team size: 1 - 4
520 Registered Allowed team size: 1 - 4

Winners are announced.

Imagine (Idea Phase)
starts on:
Mar 05, 2021, 06:30 AM ()
ends on:
Mar 10, 2021, 06:29 AM ()
Build (Hackathon)
starts on:
Mar 10, 2021, 06:30 AM ()
ends on:
Mar 20, 2021, 06:29 PM ()



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enter image description here The first computer programmer was a woman born in 1815. Ada Lovelace published her algorithm to compute Bernoulli numbers over 200 years ago, but the advent of modern high-level programming languages wouldn’t occur until the 1950s.

From the 145,000 lines of code that took humans to the moon, to the 2 billion lines run by Google today, code has become an essential part of our culture. Since the invention of the first personal computer over 40 years ago, software development has become a far more valuable skill.

The mind of a developer can be a chaotic place, filled with outlandish ideas, creative problem-solving, and rational decision making. Computers may be capable of calculating things millions of times faster than humans, but they can’t do it unless we tell them how.

Revolutions happen all the time, what’s so special about this one?

Our financial system is broken. High inflation rates and frequent recessions plague our economies, and centralized banking has largely stayed the same despite it. Blockchain is more than a vision of better money, it’s a vision of better business.

From relatively simple decentralized payment networks, blockchains have evolved into sophisticated distributed systems that are used in countless different ways. In just a decade, cryptocurrencies have shown us what the future of money could look like – a future that isn’t too distant anymore.

The blockchain industry is small but thriving, and developers are at the forefront of that progress. With billions of dollars in cryptocurrency transactions taking place every day, there’s little room for error. Developers are constantly creating better, and more efficient ways to do things on the blockchain, and incentivizing new solutions is paramount to making blockchain better.

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unblock 2021 is a celebration of blockchain development that aims to spark interest in amateur and expert developers alike. We want to help you make blockchain better by developing robust, relevant applications that can bring value to people.

The hackathon will take place in three phases: Know, Imagine, and Create.

enter image description here This phase will involve learning the basic concepts behind blockchain technology, and how blockchain development tools work. An idea can go a long way with the right guidance, even if you only have minimal programming experience.

enter image description here Ideas need space to grow, and great ideas aren’t made up on the spot. The Imagine phase will involve discussing your ideas with our expert mentors and your team members. Let your imagination run wild as you conceptualize what you want to build.

enter image description here They say dreams come true in the Code phase. Visions come to life as participants battle it out for chunks of that delicious prize pool. This phase will last an entire week, so make sure to schedule regular breaks, and remember to stay hydrated!

4th MarchOpening Ceremony3:00PM IST
4th MarchArnav Vohra(Zilliqa)4:00PM IST
4th MarchFrancesco Renzi(Superfluid Finance)4:45PM IST
4th MarchTascha Punyaneramitdee(Alpha Finance)5:30PM IST
5th MarchRamlingam Subramanian(CoinCDX)4:00PM IST
5th MarchRicha Joshi(EPNS)4:45PM IST
5th MarchLuke Stokes(Fio Protocol)5:30PM IST
5th MarchAshish Mehta(Blockchain working group)6:15PM IST
6th MarchWui Yang(SnapEX)3:45PM IST
6th MarchColin LeMahieu(Nano)4:30PM IST
6th MarchAbhishek Bourai(CXIhub)5:15PM IST
6th MarchKashif Raza(Crypto Kanoon)6:00PM IST
7th MarchSami Mian(Hedera Hashgraph)4:00PM IST
7th MarchPrashanth Balasubramanian(LastBit)4:45PM IST
7th MarchShrikar Parashar(GoSats)5:30PM IST
7th MarchVikas Singh(Bloque Labs)6:15PM IST
7th MarchManu Naik(Octaloop)7:00PM IST
8th MarchDesmond Ho(Kyber Network)7:00PM IST
8th MarchKevin Owocki(Gitcoin)8:30PM IST
8th MarchJeremy Musighi(Balancer Labs)9:15PM IST
8th MarchClarence Liu(Elastos)10:00PM IST


Blockchain for Data Management

The traditional way of data management has a lot of disadvantages. You are expected to use blockchain technology to build an application that is immutable to make it more secure and interconnected

Blockchain for Payments

Create a blockchain-based payment system or UI integrating Nano that would be accessible to the general public on non-dedicated hardware (mobile phones, etc.) in terms of both robustness and user experience.

Blockchain for Smart Wallets

Create a secure smart wallet application for cryptocurrencies to hold, send, receive & do transactions for cryptocurrencies to various other addresses or contacts

Blockchain for Social Initiatives

Create a blockchain application that has some impact for social causes & initiative & would ultimately improve the social sphere of society.


Create a gaming application exploring blockchain technology, leveraging Nano to create immersive and boundary-blurring games focusing on social causes.

Prizes USD 10000 in prizes

Main Prizes
Best Nano Hack - Payments Theme
USD 1000
  1. $1000 to winner of Payments Theme
  2. Hackathon t-shirts for all Team Members
  3. Getting a chance to connect with Nano Foundation to scale their project
Best NEAR Hack (2)
USD 500
  1. Build something cool on top of NEAR Protocol that woo our minds!
  2. Hackathon t-shirts for all team members
  3. Bounty will be paid in NEAR tokens
Best Nano Hack - Gamification Theme
USD 600
  1. $600 for winner of Gamification theme
  2. Hackathon t-shirts for all team members
  3. Getting a chance to connect with Nano Foundation to scale their project
Special Prizes
Best app using Nano for KaiOS
USD 1000
  1. $1000 for the team who build the best app to compliment the soon to be launched Kaiak Nano Wallet
  2. Hackathon t-shirts for all Team Members
  3. Getting a chance to connect with Nano Foundation to scale their project
USD 2500
  1. CXIHUB has opened a special Bug Bounty program with up to $2500 worth of prizes which has been made accessible to all cybersecurity enthusiasts among the Unblock 2021 participants.
  2. The bounty shall range from ₹2000 to ₹15000 based on the severity of the flaw at cxihub.com
Nano branded Ledger S (5)
USD 375
  1. Best article covering the Hackathon experience (1 Ledger Nano S)
  2. Best community content covering the unblock2021 hackathon experience (1 Ledger Nano S)
  3. The best performing community growth managers during the hackathon (1-3 Ledger Nano S)

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